Birthday Blessings from Ugly Forks and a Tacky Cake

I had the best birthday cake plan ever. Now I’m no cake artist so it certainly wasn’t the fanciest plan ever, but it was the best from this cake-challenged Mama. (And it didn’t even include ugly, white Dollar Tree forks!)


After pursuing numerous DIY posts and recipes, I stumbled across the cutest little minon cookies ever and SO simple. “I’ve got this one,” I thought. Yellow face, candy eye pieces, a little black icing for the mouth. Easy Peasy Lemon-squeezy (as my kids are fond of saying).

One problem. Dear Daughter had other ideas. She’d already asserted her uniqueness in Dollar Tree, begging me to exchange the lovely pink Happy Birthday plates and coordinated tablewear I’d selected for mismatched light and dark blue plates with white forks that scream, “We are really cheap white Dollar Tree forks.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy to use those nicely coordinated 24-pack-matching Dollar Tree forks, but really? The super-ugly, plain ones that come in packages of 48?
Okay. Not something to fight over. She likes mismatched blue. Mismatched blue we use. She likes the cheapest forks. The cheapest forks we use.

On to the minion…or not.

“I want an American Girl cake with pink frosted words and a big star” she said. Only one problem. The words are about five million and two letters longer than I could hope to fit onto a cake. (I’m cake challenged – remember?) She had in mind elegant trim, and elegant I cannot do.

“How about putting some of your American Girl Happy Meal toys on a chocolate layer cake?” I suggest, hoping she’ll go for it.

She dashes upstairs and I relax. Whew! No lettering this year.

Um. What is that armload of mismatched figurines I see? She’s trotting downstairs with every imaginable toy tucked into the basket she’s made with the hem of her dress. How am I gonna handle this one?

Helpful Hubby to the rescue! Daddy carefully explains that Grace can decorate her cake however she likes BUT placing every toy she owns on top will make a giant mess.
The reasoning wheels start to turn, and she cheerfully-enough selects just five female characters for her cake, including a fairly giant Happy Meal Furby and Hello Kitty.

“Honey,” I say, expanding on Daddy’s logic. “You did a great job narrowing things down, but none of the toys can be giant. Let’s make some changes.”

Again, logic wheels turn, and she selects a tiny My Little Pony and mini-Berentstain Bear to replace the offending Furby and Kitty.

Finally, here’s something we can work with. I plop the coordinating number SIX candle and Happy Birthday sign she selected on our cheap fork shopping trip. She begins setting her favorite little people around the cake. Add in a few toothpicks to prop up some leaning bears and ponies. Voila. We have a cake.

She’s beaming and suddenly my opinion is revolutionized. In an instant, the tacky cake is no longer tacky. It represents what my daughter holds dear and it will be forever remembered in our family as the “My Favorite Things” cake.


Instead of ugly, I see beautiful. I’m reminded of Proverbs 9:6.
“The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.”(NASB)

I had certainly planned. Coordinated tableware. A lovely cake. A perfect fit for her princess self. But as I’d listened to my daughter and her desires, God directed my steps toward what she wanted.

I’m so glad I listened. They’re God’s children. Not ours. He has graciously entrusted us with them for a time. Our job is to train them as they grow into the people He wants them to be.

Please share about a time you’ve let God redirect your plans and the results.

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About Forever Joyful

I am a devoted wife, mother of three great kids and, most importantly, a follower of Jesus Christ. I love long summer days, photography and stealing quiet moments for writing.
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One Response to Birthday Blessings from Ugly Forks and a Tacky Cake

  1. I love it! One year my oldest daughter wanted to plan her own party. (She was turning 9.) Her idea of what was decorative and fun isn’t something you’d find on Pinterest. And I’m ashamed to admit that I was really worried about what the kids would think- not to mention their moms. But it turned out to be the greatest party. The kids had a ball and were so impressed she’d planned it all. 🙂 I love your daughter’s Favorite Things cake. And it will surely be remembered.

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